about us

The TeleCrest management team is composed of a tight group of dedicated professionals with 75+ years of accumulated experience in Telecommunications within the areas of Carrier Relations, Sales, Engineering, Operations and Project Management.

Michael Zurvitz: President

Mr. Zurvitz has 25+ years of sales and management experience in the North American telecommunications sector, working for and alongside some of the nation’s largest CLECs. His close association with C-level individuals in many of Americas Tier-1 operators gives Telecrest valuable leverage in the US marketplace.

Shafqat Jan Chowdhury: CEO & CTO

S. Jan Chowdhury has worked in various sectors of the Telecom industry since 1999. He has served as Telecrests’ CEO and CTO since its formation in 2012. Prior to entering Telecom, Mr. Chowdhury worked in the finance industry and was instrumental in taking 16 companies public on the US stock exchange.

Emilia Sixtensson: COO

Emilia Sixtensson has over 15 years’ experience in operation, administration and project management in the fields of Information Technology, Telecom and Entertainment. Over the past 10 years she has played a key role in erecting three separate businesses from infancy to profitability and beyond.

Etto A. O'Niel: CMO

Etto A. O’Niel has more than 40 years in the telecommunications field, with aptitude in sales, automation, marketing, and technology. On the management team of two wireless operators, Mr O’Niel played a key role in the reorganization of one company and significant revenue growth of another.

Anders Mikkelsen, Analyst & Managing Director

Mr. Mikkelsen has worked in the Telecom and IT industries for 20 years. Through his expertise in analysis related to telecom cost-management and fraud-detection, he has created and executed seven-figure, recurring, annual profit opportunities for his clients, which include enterprises like U.S. Trust, Schwab, Lucent, Bed Bath and Beyond and Bank of New York.